Welcome to my blog, Reframing the Ordinary!

Welcome to my blog, 'Reframing the ordinary.'

This blog is an attempt to start a conversation.  A conversation between myself, my work and you, my audience.  

The Importance of You

Every painting needs a viewer.  No art is complete without being received.  A painting is a view into the artist's way of seeing something.  When the viewer's gaze connects with a painting, a conversation of seeing begins.  The painting works upon the viewer as they see the painter's vision.  The viewer brings to the painting their own experience, knowledge and emotions as they situate themselves in the painting.  Consequently, an intimate exchange of "seeing" takes place.

What to Expect

I will write on a topic that is  alive for me in regards to painting - the process of making a painting, looking at paintings and/or what feeds and hinders my creative process.  

At the conclusion of each entry, I will pose a question as an invitation to you to join the conversation.  

Who knows where we will travel together ...